We citizens of Europe have to complete the revolution of 1848 today

Today the citizens of Europe have to complete 1848

Today, we citizens of Europe, have to complete what we started in 1848, to unite Europe as a parliamentary democracy with a common constitution.

1848 was the first beating of the Pulse of Europe

The European citizen revolutions of 1848 are the best help our common history can offer to understand our challenge in Europe today. 1848 was when the Pulse of Europe was beating for the first time as a political movement of European citizens in the streets of cities all over our continent.

Similar technological and social change sparked revolution

Today, as in 1848, Europe is in turmoil due to a social and political crisis sparked by technological and social revolutions. In the years leading to 1848 this was the industrial revolution, the French revolution, in the years leading to today this is digitalisation, financialisation of capitalism, the revolutions from the Solidanoc shipyards, over Prague until East-Berlin that reunited Europe.

Parliamentary democracy needs to pacify nationalism

Today, as in 1848, nationalism is a big factor. In 1848 its inherent dangers led to failure, bloodshed and decades of anti-democratic rule. The revolutions of 1848 against the system of Metternich of 1815 could have led to a war destroying all of Europe. Counterrevolution was motivated and strong to stop this threat. Therefore, as foreseen in article 188 of the constitution drafted in the Paulskirche of Frankfurt and similar in Wien, the struggle of nations for the freedom to live their language and culture can only be preserved in a democratically united Europe.

Only parliamentarians can bring the social justice that diplomats cannot provide

In 1848 and 49, the poor revolted against their suffering when it peaked in a crises of global trade and economic downturn. The Liberals used this revolutionary momentum to draft democratic constitutions to take power into their hands. Today, the poor again suffer from the weaknesses of a system where still the diplomats dominate the rules in the Council of the Member States instead of the parliamentarians, be it in the Bundestag, the Assemblee Nationale, the Sejm or in the European Parliament. Diplomats are unable to achieve the democratic momentum necessary for tax justice and to gurantee civic rights where threatened by the excessive emergency of Hollande and Valls, the attack on free media by Berlusconi, Orban and Kaczynski. Only parliamentarians, openly and democratically elected by all citizens have the souveignity to achieve the justice and solidarity to truely answer the original yearning of the people.

Fighting racism is the basis, not just the aim

1848 and following years saw attacks on machines, Jews and other ugly excesses. They are as wrong today as they were back then. No social injustice justifies racism or even racist violence against fellow humans. The fight against racism cannot wait until the successful end of our struggle, it has to be its basis.



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