“V.I.P a homage to Severiano Naudin” – amazing performance by his granddaughter Mariona

V.I.P. performance by Marioana NaudinWhat does my grandfather have to do with Fidel Castro?” is one of the many questions Mariona Naudin answers with pictures, videos, narrating and dancing live in her performance V.I.P. The audience learns about the life story of her grandfather Severiano but at the same time about political circumstances in Spain, Europe, Cuba etc. “I go through my own ghosts and the ghosts of European culture.” says the introduction text on the page of Tatwerk Berlin. But the ghosts get to life. A nationalist soldier pointing his gun to the 10 year old Severiano is a lively story about the pre-civil war Spain. The perhaps best staging of family history is Mariona replacing her own mother on a torn apart picture put on the wall (see picture above the text). With sun creme applied by the astonished guy from the audience on her shoulder, Mariona starts telling her way of thinking as the 40 year old woman she becomes.

The performance was the best and loveable way of telling a family story as a part of European every day history I’ve seen so far. Her beautifully dancing grandparents as well as her cross-dressing uncle are the digital stars on stage. The Jury price by the Berlin 100° Festival is well deserved. The announcement ends: “I keep you entertained all the time so you’ll love me more.” Thanks Mariona, I will.

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