Social Library

Book in a library

Book in a library

Definition: online community tool allowing shared use of books and tools

A Social Library could be an online software and/or App allowing users to enlist books and tools they have at home to allow fellow users to search and borrow them from neighbour to neighbour. By making books, tools or other items one uses only occasionally available to neighbours, they can be used by more people, need to be purchased less. The interaction connects neighbours, especially books and hobby items can facilitate lasting contacts, strengthens communities.

Features: user friendliness, favouring reliability and reciprocity, not for profit and open source

  • uses barcode on books to automatically add information on title, author, etc from publicly available databases to spare the work of entering information by hand
  • favours realisability of users in giving back what they borrowed from displaying a simple percentage number on how much users gave back items in time and how much they already borrowed things
  • favours reciprocity and featuring prominently how much users offer own items to fellow users and how much they already actually borrowed things to others
  • software should be open source and the whole project not for profit
  • linking the project to Wikipedia or similar not for profit projects must always be preferred to linking it to Facebook or other for profit corporations who are likely to restrict the use for the sake of their own advertising profit

To all programmers and App-makers, who could help me to make this idea an reality?

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