New old job for MEP Daniel Freund

Sven Giegold, Christian Beck, Daniel Freund im Europaparlament

Sven Giegold, Christian Beck, Daniel Freund im Europaparlament

New old job: from 3 July I will work for new MEP Daniel Freund. With Daniel I will continue the work of my last 5 years with MEP Sven Giegold for more transparency and a stronger democracy in Europe. Proud of the first time guaranteed lobby transparency in the European Parliament achieved with Sven, I want to fix more loopholes, bring light into the dark backroom chambers of the Council. Sven meanwhile will work more to transform the chemical industry from producing too much poison to help the resource efficient economy our planet needs. 21 German Green MEPs instead of 11 means we can better divide labour to achieve the change that we got this powerful mandate for. I am so grateful for the 5 years of work, learning, laughing and comradeship with Sven and his team(s). Now I am looking forward to the new challenge and build on this with Daniel and new colleagues. Tell me if you wanna follow what comes next!

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