Keith Haring in BOZAR: like a friend from the Pose-Netflix series

Keith Haring: National Coming Out Day

Keith Haring: National Coming Out Day

Until 19 April 2020, BOZAR presents Keith Haring as artist and activist. BOZAR nicely explains how Haring, when arriving in New York, can experience himself for the first time as free gay man. Cheap rents in New York’s East Village create a perfect habitat for an alternative counter culture that becomes pop culture some years later. BOZAR tells how Haring fights racism, homophobia and AIDS as part of the Act Up movement:


Against the nuclear war
Painting on the Berlin Wall
Against Apartheit in South Africa, a poster freely distributed at protests
Against toxic masculinity
His first gallery: the metro
Iconic figures reaching out for each other
The HI Virus as satanic sperm
Harding’s first exposition with another NY street artist: like a cut out from Netflix series ‘Pose’
Gay is okay!
Body paint for Grace Jones
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