“I will be 20 in 2030” – expo about the future of mankind

The exhibition “I will be 20 in 2030” is about the future of mankind (from 23.09.2017 until 30.06.2018). The futuristic architecture of Liège’s main train station is the perfect home for it. Sadly, it is a playful technic disneyland with some inter-active qualities but does not include the latest stage of present day science and is even less presenting avenues of future development. I did not find much about the present possibilities of genetics to alter the DNA of alive adults. There is little practical details on the consequences of decisions, where to invest scarce global ressources. The issue of distribution of wealth is never clearly addressed. While it challenges the visitor as the one to choose between possible paths of development, it completely fails to explain the options to chose from. If you visit Liège, I would rather recommend the expo En Lutte, than this one. The expo is accessible in FR, NL, EN and DE on most signs and an audio guide, yet EN and DE sometimes are sometimes missing on signs. The useful App and the free wifi can help in such cases.

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