(Sans Titre) (2000) in Beaux Arts (Bruxelles): A tour de force through dance history you better do with guide

dance-performance-20min_2016-05-19_Boris Charmatz danced (Sans Titre) (2000) in Beaux Arts Bruxelles on 19 May 2016. “20 minutes in the 20th century” announces the voice from behind the stage as the topic of the piece. When light switches on, the naked truth becomes visible. The piece is a collection of dance innovations (mostly scandals) from the whole 20th century. It’s the logical export product of the Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne that defined itself as “Musée de la danse”. Yet its a bit of a tour de da force not leaving much time to appreciate the development of dance but giving rather glimses and hints. It helps to have a dance expert next to you to understand e.g. how Paris was shocked about the one-dimensional Egyptian art style dancing the performance presents in the early minutes.

What I appreciated about it was the breaking with conventional expectations when the naked dancer, already sweaty from some intense performance starts to speak with the audience and comments how some people are looking. The performance is rather rough and provocative but also short and therefore digestable. Go and see it, if you can!

Link to the event in Beaux Arts: http://www.bozar.be/en/activities/113168-sans-titre-2000

Musée de la Dance: http://www.museedeladanse.org/fr

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